Gina Athena Ulysse

Dr. Gina Athena Ulysse is a feminist interdisciplinary artist whose research questions concerning the Black diaspora considers power and vulnerability in the unprocessed horrors of colonialism and the making of empire. Fueled by ancestral, freedom, and love imperatives, her creative works remix history, theory, and personal narrative punctuated with Vodou chants. With this method and praxis of rasanblaj (gathering), her ultimate aim is to confront the visceral in the structural. Some of her publications include: Why Haiti Needs New Narratives: A Post-Quake Chronicle (2015), and Because When God Is Too Busy: Haiti, me & THE WORLD (2017) – a collection of poetry, performance texts, and photographs. She has been invited to participate in the Biennale of Sydney in 2020. Currently, she is a professor of Anthropology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.